Custom Lettered Iridescent Fused Glass Plates

These elegant plates can be curved into a sushi plate form, bowl, wedding ring bearer plate, left flat and mounted on a natural stone base or mounted into a matted frame with space behind it to let light shine through. The music notes and swirls that you see in the example are details that can be customized with names and dates in any design: A wedding date with the bride and groom names, an anniversary date (with an elegant "~Forever~" etched into the piece, for example), a birthday with the recipient's name, a wedding proposal and more. Lettering will be limited to space provided. For longer customized wedding vows or Love notes to your sweetie, please see my other fused glass listings. All are great as gifts.

The Process: The plates go through an intensive process, some of which is kept secret. First, you and I will choose the base color, size and main shape. (Example is in Midnight Blue and Rainbow Irid.) Then, I'll work out a design for your approval. (I'm also a musician, so I chose to do music notes for the example.) Once the design is approved, I cut two pieces of glass to your specifications and then I work on the two pieces with wax resists and other resist mediums to meet your design desires. Then, they take a trip through my sand blaster, where I blast away the iridescence on the glass in certain areas and leave it in others. I carefully hone the edges for a perfect finish in the studio with my ring grinder. The two pieces are then carefully melded together in my kiln, where they reach temperatures up to 1,500 degrees. Once that is done, if you desire a bowl shape or a slumped shape, your custom piece takes another trip through my kiln, this time to about 1,250 degrees, where the glass only melts enough for it to form fit to a custom mold. If you wish the piece to be free-standing on a base, I hand cut a custom sized groove into a Travertine stone block and the piece is ready for display. (There is an slight additional cost for the base but a free-standing piece lets the sun shine through.) If you wish the piece to be mounted into a frame, the piece is mounted with metal brackets to stand away from the background within a matted frame. (There is an additional cost for the frame.)

Price is dependent upon design and time needed to execute. The example that you see here would sell for approximately $175.00 US dollars. Please contact me for more information about pricing. Note that shipping, taxes and handling are additional.

My goal is to create a truly one-of-a-kind piece for you that can be cherished for a lifetime and then become a family heirloom piece for generations to come. Thank you for considering me as your artist.

~April C. Hilland

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