Custom Modern Bench

My furniture is as handmade as it gets, this bench can be a great addition to my dining table set, an addition to your own set, or a standalone piece that can be placed in a bedroom, entry way, or living room.

I start by milling the boards from partially dried logs, which are then shipped off to a kiln to be dried to completion near my shop. After the boards are dried, I shape them into the requested dimensions for the bench.

The steel is purchased raw and welded together to the dimensions that the customer requested for their end product. After the wood and metal have been married together for fitment, the metal is then shipped out to receive the paint color of the customer's choice.

The bench can be any height, between 4'-10' long. Other customizable options include paint color for the steel, stain color for the wood, as well as how smooth or rough you want the finish of the wood to be. I typically brand my logo onto the bottom of the bench, however, I'm willing to put it on the top if the customer prefers it.

Shipping costs are determined by each order.

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