Custom Oak Fireplace Surround

Marketing woodworking is more than just product images, when it comes to portraying a true value in our work we have to present the feeling you will get when your house transitions into a home.

THIS is the warmth of woodwork; a natural feel that enhances the atmosphere of your home while providing a functional prupose.

"So have a Merry Christmas, a Happy Chanukah, a Krazy Kwanzaa, a Tip Top Tet, and a solemn, eventful Ramadan." Krusty The Clown

Here's your traditional Christmas scene bellowing with the warmth of custom woodworking. This oak fireplace surround includes hand carved moldings, raised panel doors, a mantle, and a hand carved "Live Free or Die " eagle.

Colorful leather bound books, shiny brass, momentum, keepsakes, and awards and photos. Bookcases offer storage and display for your family treasures as well as your library. A comfortable recliner and obviously gifts at the ready for this scene to turn to utter wrapping paper carnage.

Now you may notice a fellow hanging out, not so much hiding out he's obvious! his name is Smirnoff - the radio active reindeer.

See it's a much kept secret that the reindeer like many super heroes were forged in a nuclear accident. In his case, Smirnoff was a bit closer to the blast as compared to say Rudolf ... only Rudolf's nose glows so bright.

Now Smirnoff on the other hand is bright orange with glowing green eyes. He's just too bright to pull/guide a sleigh or Santa would have to be waring a welding mask and the other deer would get a sunburn.

So Smirnoff hangs out w/ his four ducky friends - all of which are always waring sunglasses. Now Smirnoff's job to be part of the radio active reindeer brigade, and apparently it is their job, along with the yellow ducks, to drop off these crazy deviant elves that keep appearing all over the world.

Elves are apparently immune to radiation and are not impacted by his orange glow. So the whole plan seems to play out quite well, as Santa has his army of intelligence gathering elves and the means to transport them.

Dimensions: Custom Per Commission

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