Custom Order Thank You And Blank Cards

These gorgeous cards are a special order from my Mother. She just accepted a superb offer at a high school for her to teach english, it's a much better place than she was at before. However, at her old school, she was the only French teacher, and so she felt she needed to say sorry to her French students and give them encouragement to continue French when they get to college. Also, she was very close with her fellow teachers and feels that she should say thank you for at least 15 excellent years of peer to peer relationships.

She and I both have a love for nature and the outdoors and that really comes through in my work. I made four different sets of 8. There are two sets of Thank You cards, and two sets that are blank. The cards with the large Thank Yous and the little birds are regular folded cards, which she will use for her fellow staff members. The peacock feather thank yous and the paisley flower cards are a postcard style, which do not have a fold, so she will just write on the backside, and are for the students.

She requested that some be masculine enough that male teachers and students would feel comfortable accepting the cards.

All of my cards are either stamped on the back with my shoppe name: KitsuneMaki or handwritten (one the postcard style): Made by KitsuneMaki. I make sure that the writing is subtle and does not detract from the beauty of the cards.

It is a set of 32 cards total, she will provide her own envelopes.

These are a simple style and since envelopes are not part of the order, I would charge about 144 for a set of 32. If you would like a more intricate style of card, with ribbon, string, embellishments, or to have envelopes included, I would charge more around the 208 mark for a set of 32. Prices and number of cards are negotiable.

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