Custom Personalized Cat Cup With Lid

Custom Personalized Cat Cup with Lid - Handmade To Order Ceramic Hot, Cold Beverage Tumbler - Wheel Thrown Pottery Kitty Vase - MEOW
{{the Cup's "Made To Order" particulars and Happy "Pottery" Customer Reviews are below under "KITTY INFORMATION"}}

Says the kitty as she plays with the colorful dragonfly.
Say the other 2 kitties cuddled up together and resting in each other's company.

.•*¨)~♥~♥~PLEASE NOTE: If you would like a Custom Kitty Cup WITHOUT the Lid then it will be $40 and you can either purchase this Listing, leave me a "Note" and I will refund your Account immediately upon seeing the Transaction or you can contact me directly and I will adjust the Price...!

♥ Handmade from the Earth with Love just for You! ♥
This Personalized Kitty Cup/Vase is such a Joy-Full and Unique way to enable your Fabulous furry feline friend to spend even more quality time with you and this would make a wondrous gift for any and all cat lovers too!! And remember, it doesn't HAVE to be personalized, I can make you one without any name if you would like. How does it work....? Please see all the information below under "KITTY INFORMATION".
And the best thing about this can also be used as a very cool vase! TWO. TOO. 2 pieces of pottery in ONE! YAY!!
~*▲~*♥*~▲~*♥•*~KITTY INFORMATION~*▲~*♥*~▲~*♥•*~
Here is what you will be receiving when you purchase this Extra Special Personalized Cup/Vase:

1. A beautiful wheel thrown cup measuring about 4 1/4" tall and 3 1/2" in diameter. It holds 14 ounces of your favorite liquid or a quite a few short stemmed flowers if you are using it as a vase! The cutest ever lid is about 4" in diameter.

2. The cup will be slightly "squared" while the clay is still wet in order to delight your hands and create fun "flat-ish" sides for me to paint on these 3 fabulous cats, the colorful little dragonfly and your Kitties name! These images are all HAND PAINTED to order, I do not use decals, so your Kitties will be similar to those you see, but not exactly like them.
The lid has the same wondrous dragonfly, painted a little bit bigger, and the kitties name on it. When you turn it over it has a little painted clay "ring" to hold the lid in place and my little swirly-cue and it can be used as a saucer to hold your spoon, teabag, even a couple of cookies.....YAY!!

3. Your Personalized Kitty's name will be right in the middle of the cup, "under" the dragonfly, AND on the top of the lid, next to the dragonfly. The 1st thumbnail photo shows approximately how that will look, (Tiki was my first custom kitty cup..!) and I can fit rather long names as I am painting them on to order, but if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me before you order!

4. COLORS!! The inside of the cup, the dragonfly and the underside rim of the lid will be painted with whichever intense deep saturated color/s you would like from any number of choices in my Shop, The color that has been used in the photos is a glorious deep teal. Please feel free to browse through my Shop or my Sold section and pick out any of the colors you see for me to paint on the cup.

5. PROOFING: If you are requesting artwork or pottery that is using a Quote, Words, Names, and/or Dates, PLEASE double check your spelling and punctuation. I will "copy" exactly what you send me and then message you back with a "ReCap Proof" which YOU must read thoroughly and approve. I am not a Typist or a Proofreader, I am human and therefore make mistakes despite all the caution I use, so PLEASE READ IT CAREFULLY! Have your friend read it. Then ask your neighbor, or your mailman, because ALL misspellings, etc will be your responsibility and are NOT changeable due to the Nature of Pottery and I will have to charge you to re-do the order and I hate doing that.
I cannot STRESS this enough, and I repeat, after YOUR final approval, I am not liable or responsible for any discrepancies or spelling errors. If You have approved the "ReCap Proof", any Financial Responsibility to recreate the work will fall on the Customer, {YOU}, not me. Thank You for your understanding about this.

6. PRICE! The listing Price is for ONE Personalized Cup/Vase with lid. If you would like a set, in case you have more than one fabulous feline, I will create a separate listing and the Price will be $62 for 2 Personalized Cups, so you will receive a savings of 10% if you buy 2...YAY!! The Cups would not have to be the exact same colors and you can contact me for more information on this.

7. *´♥TIME!*´♥ Custom order Personalized Cups take 4 -6 weeks to complete and deliver.

8. How in the World does this Work...?!? :)
I know this all sounds very complicated, but it's really very simple. Just sit down, answer each of the above questions, and then either purchase the cup and Enter the Answers in the "Notes to Seller" box upon checkout or Contact me directly with your choices or questions and then you can purchase the listing.
*´♥*AGAIN: PLEASE be sure to double check your SPELLING and PLEASE thoroughly READ the "ReCap Proof" I send you!! :)

All of my handmade pottery is painted with lead free/food safe glazes. It is microwave and dishwasher safe, although I do recommend hand washing because my carefully made clay pieces, although very durable, happily deserve a little more love than commercially manufactured ware. Please do not put this in the oven!

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