Custom Portrait Painting In Watercolour

I have been painting portraits for over 15 years. My favourite thing to paint is the human face. There is so much character and beauty in every person, which is unique and just so exciting to capture! That is why I love doing commissioned portraits. It is a chance for me to see a face I might never see otherwise, examine its beauty, and recreate it in my own way.

This listing is for a 8x10" painting in ink and watercolour on paper. It will be full colour, with one main subject, and simple colour and shading in the background. It will be in the style of those shown in the examples.

You can choose any one person to be in the painting. This can be yourself, a friend, family member, or even your favourite celebrity!

For an additional cost, I will add a second person, a pet, a spirit animal, or any secondary figure you might want.

I am also willing to do larger sized paintings if interested.

*Please note: My portrait paintings are not super-realistic. They are stylized in my own way, and tend to be a bit surreal.

Dimensions: 8x10" or larger

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