Custom "Puzzlebox" Built-In

This built in shelving and cabinet unit is constructed from solid gumwood, and assembled with dovetail joinery. The finish on this piece is shellac and wax. The design is based on sketches provided by the customer, and echoes other details throughout the house. This piece was built as part of a much larger project which is still ongoing, and will ultimately involve redoing several rooms to incorporate a variety of built-in cabinets and architechtural details.
Credit for the design of this piece-as well as its name-goes entirely to the customer. And it has several interesting design points that don't necessarily read well in a photograph. For starters, what appears to be its back is, in fact, gumwood panelling-milled onsite-and applied to blocking within the stud-bays. This was to allow the shelves to project back into the bays on either side of center, thus maximizing their depth. The center bay houses the soil-pipe for the house and so the shelves there stop at the plane of the wall. All of the shelves are, of course, scribed to fit these various depth projections. Also, the entire piece is subtly asymetrical-aside from the perimeter of the piece, none of the pieces that appear to be the same thickness or at matching heights actually are. There are subtle but intentional thickness variations and offsets throughout this piece which give it a playful feel. These touches-along with the knot-hole finger-pull (I'll take credit for that) would make this piece right at home in a hobbit-hole or the Keebler Elves' treehouse. This piece is assembled with 8 dovetailed corners and 16 sliding dovetails. It was built entirely onsite.

Dimensions: 5'x4'

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