Custom White Maple Home Theater

Finding the perfect solution for that hole in your wall can often be a challenge. There are a lot of builders who think they understand home theater and offer built-in entertainment centers. However, there are extremely few that really know the ins and outs of the electronics and offer systems that look great and make sense. These photographs are a perfect example of a system that was beautifully built in to perfectly frame out the TV yet engineered by home theater experts.

The furniture was constructed out of a fine white maple wood and stained to the customers choice. With all of our custom home theater furniture systems we can stain the furniture in your choice of color or even create a custom color to match something else in the room. In this example we perfectly filled up the recess in the customers wall with a custom made system of furniture. There is a very big difference between built-in furniture and built-in cabinets, and it is important to know what to look for.

Cabinets are generically designed boxes that a first placed in your alcove then screwed together. Most are built out of melamine (not real wood) and have little strength of substance to them. Once the boxes are place they are outfitted with generic doors and nailed with common cases. Almost always the doors used are "overlay" where the thickness of the door is set on top of the face frame of the furniture (as opposed to inset, like the attached photo, which are flush with the face of the furniture).

Furniture systems are custom built to fit the specific alcove. They are not simple a stack of generically sized boxes. A truly custom built furniture quality entertainment center offers significantly more strength and durability than a cabinet because of this customization. Styling of the furniture is customized to fit the look of your home and the your preferences. It is applied with care of often caulked to your walls to accommodate for the variance in dry wall. The doors used are of the inset variety for a much more professional look and you can choose different styles again to fit your taste. True custom made furniture systems and entertainment centers are built from real wood, not melamine or laminates.

Most companies will call their products "furniture" not "cabinets" even if they are produced with the inferior techniques or materials. It is important to look at what you are getting to ensure you get a purchase you'll be proud of for years to come.

A couple of fun things to note with this true built-in furniture system are the frame out panel that perfectly high-lighted the customers TV screen as well as the wood doors that hid the electronics. Even though the electronics were hidden they worked perfectly via remote with the built-in infrared repeater (an infrared repeater is a simple device that allows your remote controls to operate electronics even if they are hidden behind wood doors).

While similar systems would normally be around a $4999 price range the cost of your solution would vary based on the size, layout, and features of your system.

Dimensions: This system was roughly 70" wide x 90" high x 24" deep.

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