Custom Wrap Gemstone Bracelets

Upcycled Antique buttons adorn these woven bracelet styles, with gems stones, decorative glass, or shell beads strung onto genuine leather thongs. Men and women styles can be purchased as single, double, or triple wraps. Double wraps can often be worn as a necklace. All beads are double strung with nylon thread and will not fall to pieces if one string breaks.

Price is determined by number of wraps and type of stone.

Smaller sizes are made for children as fidget bracelets to help them focus in class. My ADHD/Autistic son uses them with great success. As with any behavior modification tool, a plan must be in place to help with the implementation of this or any device. This aid is not a substitute for doctor/therapist advise is not to be used as such. If you have any questions about implementing this tool ask your therapists about fidgets/worry stones.

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