Customizable Desk Calendar

This may seem like it's "only" a desk calendar, but with the right materials and personalization, it can become a lifetime of memories and a treasured keepsake that will be enjoyed for years.

This is a desk calendar using my style of taking vintage images of people, juxtaposing them with vintage ephemera (labels, sheet music, Victorian scrap, German scrap, buttons, ribbon, et cetera). I use all varieties of paper as background to these calendars, including scrapbook, textured, imported. The key part of my calendars that people seem to love is the combination of vintage type images taken from public domain materials and old photos with quirky sayings that, without making much of it, sometimes offer a commentary on modern life.

The base of these calendars is watercolor paper that is covered front and back with patterned paper. There is a front and back cover page with each calendar. The back of each month page includes a list of wacky holidays and observances, such as "Talk Like a Pirate Day" for September 19. The back of the front cover includes a list of notable anniversaries for that year.

This calendar amuses people because you have a contradiction in a sense. I have made these calendars for several years and each year, as people learn about them, I get more requests for them.

These are desk calendars. The pages are punched and bound with wire coils. They definitely make great gifts.

If I had to describe the style it would be vintage with an edge.

A commissioned calendar could definitely contain photos unique to the buyer. The buyer would contribute original photos of which I would make quality color copies on 32lb linen paper so as to preserve the original photos. If available, the buyer can also contribute original paper ephemera from family archives such as report cards, marriage licenses, paper souvenirs (matchbox covers for example), postcards, et cetera--again, quality copies would be made of these. If these are not available I would need, according to the buyer's requests, to search for appropriate materials or go through my own collection of materials, to use in this piece. Similarly, if the buyer has jewelry, buttons, coins, etc that they wish included, that would be great but, if these are not available and the buyer wishes to have 3D embellishments included, again I would need to find them.

The price really depends on how much material is necessary to purchase and how much time it takes to find the materials.

Color scheme would be up to the buyer--I can gather papers, scan them, and email them to the buyer for approval or the buyer can trust me to choose, and we can consult about likes and dislikes.

Production time depends on whether or not shopping for materials is required. If the buyer provides the materials or if I have them in stock, turnaround time could be as little as 7-10 business days.

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