Cutthroat Trout Sculpture

"THE HATCH IS ON! THE HATCH IS ON!" The word spreads through the fly fishing community like a whirlwind gone bad. R.V.s pulling rubber rafts at dangerously high rates of speed. Pickups pulling drift boats at even higher rates of speed. The fishermen from hell fill the taverns talking tech...ending up in bets and threats. The circus is in town! Who caused the carnival? Blame it on the "Big Bug"...Mr. Pteronarcys californica, the western salmon fly. The salmon fly nymphs are often in such abundance that hungry trout like this 21" Black Spotted Westslope Cutthroat Trout (Oncorhynchus lewisi) the Montana State Fish, are seduced from shy, timid creatures into "Frankenfish". Their feeding frenzies are intoxicating. The addiction to tying, trying...dreaming, scheming...and fishing nymphs result in the tragic, magic madness of..."Nymphomania" Approx. 20" high X 19" wide and 30 lbs. $7,000.00

Dimensions: approx 26'' high and approx 30 lbs

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