Damascus Steel Bowie Hunting Knife 16

This is a copy of blade show winner knife. ...

Damascus Bowie Hunting Knife 16" Long 24 oz ! High Class Knife Looks Incredible Feels Great In Your Hand Rare Snake Eye Hardwood, Damascus Bolster Very Solid High Quality Knives
Very rare exclusive Snake Eye South American Hardwood. Absolute Collectors Knife. Buy One Compare to Knives 2 to 4 times the cost. HAND CRAFTED BY ARTISANS
Knife measurements and weights are approximate and may vary slightly from knife to knife due to being hand made. Knives come with a sheath and may vary from the sheath shown in the picture due to production lots. Knife is 3/4 tang in order to have the damascus clip guard.
Collectors Knife Feels Great In Your Hand and Pocket ! Great For Personal Use, Or A Fine Gift.The Collection You Will Be Proud Of
Our Damascus Steel has Over 252 Layers of 15N20 & 1095 steel.

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