Day And Night Necklace

This necklace has three layers - a wavy, patinated copper piece between a fine silver sun pendant, and a fine silver moon pendant, so it can be worn with either showing. The bail is also fine silver, and has the texture of saguaro cactus ribs, made with a mold I made of the actual thing. It hangs on a 16" black leather cord.

This necklace is a tribute to Tucson, Arizona; where I live. Tucson (and Arizona in general) has the most gorgeous sunrises and sunsets anywhere! We also have an observatory here, so we have laws to minimize street lights and overly bright signs, making the stars beautiful and bright at night. Tucson is one of the very few places where saguaro cacti grow (the tall cacti with the arms), and is the home of Saguaro National Park. And lastly, Arizona is the leading copper producing state in the United States, and is also a producer of silver.

And there's your geography lesson for the day!

Maybe I could design something for your locale?

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