Dayton International Airport Railing - Stoker Coffee

This custom metal railing installation in the Dayton International Airport's Boston Stoker Coffee shop runs 30 feet in length. It swoops and bows at a variety of heights and depths, complete with hand-forged interior components that reflect an "Earth meets Sky" theme. The result is a functional contemporary railing that also provides a visual journey for the airport visitors. All of the elements of this one-of-a-kind railing were hand-forged by me in my studio located in Dayton, Ohio.

The design for this railing began with the combined vision shared by myself and the Boston Stoker owner. As the centerpiece for the aiport entrance, this installation needed to embody the vision and passion that lead to man in flight. With the theme in mind, my fundamental element of design would be the swooping rail cap. With an Italian-made Ercoline bender, I rolled the 2" round stainless steel tube into a silhouette reflective of a cloud dotted skyline or rolling horizon.

I then incorporated a variety of thematic elements, which included forged scrolls, fabricated organic elements, torch-cut plate steel and other compnents reflecting abstract flight themes.

Dimensions: 30 linear feet long; height varying from 36" to 48"

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