Delicious "Orange Chicken W/ Broccoli" - Collapsible Travel Dance Weighted Hula Hoop

DELICIOUS "Orange Chicken w/ Broccoli" - Collapsible Travel Dance Weighted Hula Hoop - orange, green, brown, tasty

Orange peels, broccoli and that weird brownish goopy stuff! And chicken! Well, it's chicken in theory. Whatever it is, it's DELICIOUS. I always get orange chicken when I eat Chinese food. I usually pick out the broccoli, though I've become a little better about that. I just don't like broccoli that much.

I dream of the day I will enjoy broccoli as much as my mom does. She LOVES the stuff. But to me, it just looks like little trees, you know? I always thought it was cute for that reason, but "cute" and "delicious" are two completely different concepts. I think my cat is cute, but I don't particularly want to eat her for dinner. Some might argue that statement contradictory to the fact that I eat Chinese take out.

Right, so, this hoop has delicious orange peel grip tape, less delicious broccoli green grip tape, and a mysterious sweet brown goop shimmer. If you've ever wanted to hoop dance AND crave yummy but not-terribly-filling food, this is the way to go!

This is a classic, beginner-sized adult hoop made of heavy, 3/4" tubing. It weighs just under 1.5 pounds (about .6 kilos). It stands 43" (109 cm) tall, but can be adjusted to fit you. If you do not know what size you want, I recommend starting with this size as it fits most beginner hoopers.

Hoop collapses infinity style for ease of travel (see final picture). You can take this hoop with you on a plane, or save space in your car! Do not store your hoop collapsed as it may warp.

If you are DFW local and are able to pick up your hoop in person, enter the coupon code PICKUP for free shipping!

Please note: Hoops are made to order and some might require ordering special materials, which could extend the ship time to 1-2 weeks.

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