Desk: "Mid-Century Stlye"

Here were the specs: "Mid-Century" style, freeform shape, no square corners, had to have two work stations with room for two computers, thee displays, two drawer stacks, and underneath there would be shelf space for a modem, wireless router and sound-system sub-woofer. All wires and cables had to disappear and the only allowable wiring leaving the desk could be what fit into one small cable sheath. Oh, and it had to fit into an 8-foot-wide space with room to get around both ends. The work stations needed to both be on the back side of the desk, too. An elegant, curved surface was to show from outside the office. Each work station needed a disappearing keyboard tray, too. One drawer stack has four drawers and the other has two regular-size drawers plus a file drawer.

No problem! Here's what I came up with. It is made of mahogany and the curved oak sides are plywood. The top is a high-grade laminate to compliment the room decor and to fit into the "Mid-Century" ambiance.

The only photo I have of the drawer side is the one showing the desk without the finished top installed. The "office space" is so small I couldn't get far enough behind the finished desk to take pictures.

Dimensions: About 68" long and 30" high.

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