Divine Feminine Double Pyramid With Tibetan Quartz

This simple yet complex piece is designed around the balance coming into earth now- balance of Yin/Yang, Male Female.
Incorporating balance throughout and features a double terminate tibetan quartz,. The quartz is held in place by a copper strap around the mid section and in turn three arms run out to the three side points of the pyramid. Each arm has super intricate design elements. A beautiful element are the two brass flowers above and below the circles with want to reach out and hold the energy in check.
11" high by 7" wide, there are two 3 sided triangles that are run with 3 strand 14 Ga copper wire. The same element holds itself to the circles which are midway on each corner and intersect at specific points.
The energy is sweet and calming- nothing like the amped up swirly merkava further down the page.

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