This is a piece was channeled to hold the energy of a being called "Dolphina" The energy is that of the dolphins and whales of the planet and so, the main quartz is naturally shaped like a whale. Dolphina has a super sweet loving energy that really changes the room. I have added a tail, two eyes and a blow hole. There is coral and various other elements that depict the sea. There are many pieces of Swaroski crystal that start deep blue and become lighter the higher they go, like the water on a sunny day. Below the whale, is a sea shell that mimics the double strand of coils silver wire that moves up from the base. Another great aspect of this piece is the double terminate herkimer sitting at the top of the merkava. This crystal draws in the energies for Dolphina to use.
There are high powered magnets at each of the horizontal points. When spun, the magnets will resonant with the spin rate of the piece and send that energy out to the body. If close enough to a human (18" or so) what happens is the DNA receives the magnetic pulses and issues changes in the cellular structure- kind of signal to change frequency. (DNA is a coil that uses electricity and magnets to create the highway for information to exchange through chemistry)
This is a 14 point merkava which became globally activated on 11/11/11 and is a bridge from 3rd to 5th dimensions. The piece is 15" wide and 18" tall.

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