Double Entry Front Door And Threshold

This is truly a custom double entry door and jamb, complete with threshold that has been formed to fit even the largest of feet. What you do not see is what is on the inside of these doors. All stiles and rails are custom veneered with 1/4" thick hand cut veneer, flitch matched and book matched from the same log.
They have been layered over an inner core. I personally construct this unique core with many strips of cut vertical grain mahogany, then epoxy all strips into a large butcher block, after which is milled to thickness and later the veneers are affixed to each side of the mahogany core. As a result, you have an actual epoxied, not glued, laminated beam under each stile and rail, which can last for lifetimes.
It will not cup, warp, or bend and is water proof.

The outer wood is a rare but highly figured and beautiful form of mahogany called Bees Wing. All stiles and rails were book matched to enhance the beauty of each door and Rocky Mountain hardware accompanies each door. I install all locks/hinges and hardware at my shop. I do not allow others to do this.

This door is finished with a 3 part formula/mixture including Spar varnish, that is wet sanded and hand applied over an approximate 3 weeks, with at least 4 such coats. The weather strip on each door is invisible because a mortise was created into the underside of the door which allows a drop down internal activated mechanism that closes when the door shuts.
These doors are made to also be impervious to the sun, and any/all elements. The finish will not crack, peel, chip or flake. The construction method for making these doors is how I make all of my external doors. They will last for generations.

Note, the glass was made by the client.

Dimensions: My doors can be made to any conceivable dimension, in any style, shape and from any available wood species. I cut all veneer for my front doors.

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