Dragon Carving Restoration

So this is a reasonably simple explanation – a hand carved dragon panel arrives in a condition lacking any finish but having lots of dirt, grime, residual paint residues, etc and of course it's cracked and twisted and whatever was glued on was falling off.

We – the restorers – are tasked with removing all the old paint and grime, filling the cracks, sealing the piece and applying appropriate layers and textures of gold, red, and black paint. Traditional Asian colors for carvings of this nature.

Our final task is working out a mounting method, not sure yet probably a cable or eye hook configuration to allow the piece to flex as it needs too. If we force it flat, it will stress the piece and probably crack it again.

This was a fun, slightly tedious, but fun project as the transformation contrast is drastic. No question we can see the results of our efforts!

Dimensions: N/A

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