Dragon "Tele"

SOLD: This custom built guitar has a bookmatched 5A quilt maple top both front and back and the translucent blue color is truely stunning to look at. The body is double bound both front and back....with an inside layer of white binding and an outside layer of pearloid white binding. The control cavity is copper shielded and only Switchcraft components have been used. This guitar also has a 4 way selector switch for getting the two pick-ups in parrallel (power boost) in 4th position. This guitar has a matched set hot RAZOR pickups which sound great. The pickguard is a custom shape white pearloid guard that really looks nice with the white pearloid binding. The neck pocket contains a neck tilt adjustment mechanisum for making neck tilt adjustments. The neck is a 22 fret Legend style neck, with a 12" radius fingerboard, bi-flex two way adjustment truss rod, 6 inline Gotoh tuners, bone nut, satin hand rubbed lacquer finish on the back of the neck and hi-gloss headstock with an absolutely stunning Dragon inlay in mother of pearl and abalone up the fingerboard. This guitar not only looks good but is a "Dragon Slayer" of a guitar.

Dimensions: Standard "Tele" dimensions

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