Drop Stop Traveling Display

The traveling Drop Stop Display was created by 3rd Eye Visionaires Co. for a product called "Drop Stop" this is a product goes between your car seat and middle council cover that space. Were trash goes threw, this product is sold on live tv shows such as QVC tv, the sales guy needed a display to sell this product without bringing a car to shows all over world. We create a traveling display that could able to travel with take as a carry on. Black Box is what we called it after we realize we would make a suit like "box" that we could carry the display to showcase the product. We made a mini size car seat that move just like a regular car seat in a auto and a middle council on right side symbolizing a actual car. Making this product easier to showcase to customers on live television making the gross of this product go of the charts making a small investment into products displays can make a huge differences in sells.

Dimensions: closed dimensions - 6"x 10" height x 15" width

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