Eating Tray, For Kitchen Service

This was a project to design and build a serving table that locked into the kitchen cabinet drawer for the customer. While not something that many, if any other persons may need, it demonstrates my ability to solve the customer's problem with a simple solution.

The customer typically prepared, cooked/heated, and ate her meals in the microwave right next to the sink while sitting in her powered wheel chair. Having to lean forward to eat off of the sink was proving troublesome. She needed a tray that allowed her to put her dish, silverware, and cup on that had lips to keep them from sliding off. She had tried using a cutting board for the same purpose but it didn't work that well, because it would slide and objects were too easily knocked off of it.

The Simple Obstacle Solution to this problem was to have a fixture that could be easily placed on the open drawer, and didn't slide around. As you can see from the picture, it is basically a picture frame with a tab that hooked into the cabinet at the back of the drawer, lips to prevent items from sliding off, a silicone pad to provide a no slide surface, and a solid backing under the glass surface. For decoration I printed a picture of her favorite (14 year old) cat "Nitwit" to be viewed under the glass.

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