16 inches tall by 20 inches long
Elements is my rendition of the creative headspace for the summer of 2012, represented by the 4 directions. In the 2nd picture is a mandala with Earth in the center. The "yellow arrows" are lightning bolts extending to create the compass rose, along with the 4 drawn bow & arrows as well. The 3rd photo, displays the midnight sky with Orion's Belt and a small portion of the geometry I see sometimes in the starry skies within a water bird. The 4th photo is a Sun of the Sacred Peyote Medicine within the Spirit World. The tufts of the Sun are blue flames with spirit elders sitting at each fire. The 5th photo has a mountain range at the bottom of the Eagles neck. Finally, in the last photo is a scene of a vision I had of myself suspended from the World Tree at a Sundance ceremony I will attend in the near future.
This is an all acrylic painting on stretched canvas.
A portion of the proceeds will be sent back home to my tribal people the Carrizo-Comecrudo Nation, to help maintain our cultural identity and ways of Life.

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