Engagement And Wedding Ring Set

The rings seen in this group of pictures initially depict one white gold engagement ring in which one small star sapphire has been bezel set. The customer expressed interest in having this ring (as well as the wedding rings I subsequently created) suggest something associated with the couples' interest in camping, nature, and their constant interaction with the mountains.

Additionally, he was interested in my making a pair of white gold wedding bands, each made to fit very closely to one specific side of the center ring...an approach many of my customers have been interested in exploring. When the engagement ring isn't being worn, there exists the possibility that one OR both wedding bands might be worn. And when worn together, they can be reconfigured so the sides opposite the ones fitting against the engagement ring will, instead, be brought together. Again, these two surfaces have been made to fit very closely together. Additionally, a reasonably subtle texture has been applied to the outermost surfaces of the rings.

The reasonably subtle suggestion of mountains can be seen on the palm side of both the engagement ring AND the combinations of the rings. Due to the size of the pictures, the suggestion of mountains seems overstated...when seen at their actual size, the notion of mountain-scape is considerably more gentle.

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