Espresso Vendor Trailor Overhaul!!

We rebuilt this trailor from the ground up almost. We totally gutted this vending trailor and set it up according to the customers needs. We invited the customer to give us as much input as possible then we took it from there.
We installed 4 sinks and recessed as many appliances as possible. You can see this on the pics.
We also installed several more feet of counter top and built the two side doors/counters to fold out thereby giving the customer more counter top as well as more storage room. The counter tops as you can see are formica as will as all the cabinets and drawer faces.
The hot water comes from a continous hot water system so now this vendor never runs out of hot water. Electricity is never a problem as there is now a built in generator for those times when there is no power available. We did the plumbing and had a local electrician wire it for us to ensure ot was up to code.

We put storage in every nook and cranny possible This allowed the customer to stay much more organized and she was able to get her over stock off the floor and into storage.

Appliances that this trailor now has are espresso, milk shake, nacho.popcorn, machines, micro wave, and fridge, espresso flavor lazy susan type rack.

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