Etched/Carved /Painted Mirrors

Mirrors can be carved and etched on either the front surface or back surface. Front-surface designs are more durable, since the mirror reflective back surface is not cut through. The negative is that the etched design is reflected in the mirror, which distorts the visual effect when viewed from other than straight on. On the other hand, an image carved from the back of the mirror removes the mirroring, and the image is sharp, with no reflection. The negative is that the life of the mirror is somewhat compromised, due to creating edges where the mirroring is penetrated. Carving from the back also allows the image to be colored/painted from the back side. This design work can be executed on a new mirror, or the process can be used to "save" an older mirror that is in good condition, but whose silver has started to deteriorate (the "dreaded" black edge). The edge of the mirror can be sandblasted, removing the deteriorating silver, and the design can be painted or left as a frosted image, lengthening the life-span of the mirror.

Dimensions: Custom sizes and shapes vary.

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