Evergraph Lithophane Nightlights

What do you love?
Your family? Your friends? Your pets? Old cars? New architecture? Whatever your passions, Evergraph nightlights are created to preserve their images in stunning displays of wondrous, backlit magic.
An Evergraph is a unique form of sculpture created by carving a photographic image into a durable translucent material. A new and innovative way to preserve a memory or special image, when lit from behind, the carving is instantly transformed into an exquisite reproduction of the photo. Each and every Evergraph nightlight is unique–based on images that are special to you.
Although every piece is custom, we are able to create your Evergraph nightlight within 48 hours upon receiving your photo.
The nightlight base rotates so there is no need to worry about upside down or sideways outlets. Also, we now curve the corners of our nightlights.
Having difficulty choosing a photo? We work with you throughout the decision-making process, helping you select photographs that will give you the very best results. And we guarantee the absolute finest customer service, answering your questions promptly, and responding to our your passions with one of our own: ensuring that each and every Evergraph is as perfect and unique as the subject it depicts.

Here are the answers to our most frequently asked questions:
What is the largest size Evergraph you can make?
We can carve pieces that measure 4 feet by 4 feet and then piece them together to make even larger sized pieces. We're also pretty flexible with shapes and lighting sources.

What material do you use to carve my Evergraph?
We carve Evergraphs into a hard, non-porous material designed to last generations.

Do Evergraphs break easily?
No. We carve Evergraphs into a hard, non-porous material designed to last generations. In fact, they are so durable, we recommend occasional dusting with a toothbrush. The base material from which we start is also commonly used in the construction of high quality kitchen counter tops.

Can you use a photo from my phone or Facebook?
Yes! We make some great Evergraphs from photos taken with phones. Facebook is also a great resource for downloading photos. Here's the basic rule about photos: we can't make a small photo into a larger sized Evergraph.

How long will it take to receive my order?
It will take as little as 2 days to create your custom Evergraph. Once your Evergraph is created, we will ship it within 24 hours according to your chosen shipping option.

Can you work with my old, creased black & white print?
Yes. As a complimentary service to our customers, we will scan your old photo and clean up the digital version before creating a Evergraph. We also email you the cleaned up digital version in the event you want to make a fresh print.

Why do the Evergraphs look like they have a sepia color?
We do not add any color to our Evergraphs. We carve into a white cast acrylic. The rest is simply the nature of light. Light is full of color–think of the rainbow! Some lights have more blue tones and other lights have more yellow tones. Sunlight changes tones and is unpredictable.

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