Exquisite Greene & Greene Designed Furniture Reproduction

This is a Greene & Greene Arts & Crafts commission currently in progress. A dream of any Arts & Crafts furniture maker would be to have a commission to reproduce furniture designed by Greene & Green in a home designed by Greene & Greene. Such is the good fortune of this furniture maker.

Keep up with the forward motion of the replication of the Bolton house hall furniture in Pasadena, CA.

Charles and Henry Greene were instrumental in bringing art and craftsmanship together in a rare period of time we now know as the Arts and Crafts movement. Their work is exhibited worldwide and is included in museum collections in the United States and Europe. Greene & Greene designs set the stage for California architecture and their work has had international significance as well. There are buildings and furniture around the world that owe their inspiration to these two brothers. Books and articles have been and continue to be written about their work. They were acknowledged by the American Institute of Architects in 1952 for contributing to a "new and native architecture" and are generally credited with fostering a new way of considering buildings.

The rediscovery of their work in the 1950s created a new group of followers. Today, the current generation of Greene & Greene fans tour the Greene & Greene residencies in California with reverence. Taking a docent tour of the Gamble house will reveal accomplished woodworkers and builders speaking to each other in hushed voices about the qualities found there. The Gamble House receives 30,000 visitors a year from all over the world. Recently available public tours of the Thorsen and Blacker houses drew thousands of visitors and raised awareness of both Greene & Greene residential architecture and their furniture design.

Dimensions: Approximately 50" tall by 20" at widest part of seat

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