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Listing Information:

On this page we are selling our Custom Made 1" - 14" Tall White Outdoor Custom FLUORESCENT Vinyl Lettering.

Only White Color available.

Any Font & Text may be chosen for your custom lettering, include letters, numbers etc.

Your Custom Vinyl lettering will be made up in whole words and properly spaced.

All orders will have clear transfer tape over vinyl lettering and installation instruction for an easy application process.

In this listing the FLUORESCENT Vinyl Lettering sold as - Every 10 letters needed will equal a quantity of 1 (one) in the order box.

For Example: If your text is, "How are you?" that will be 12 letters total. So you would enter a quantity of 2 in the order box.

You may order as many items (lines) as needed to make up any amount of text or length you want.

Length of every item is limited. To determine limit you need multiply "Size" by 5.

for example:

for 1" tall lettering: 1*5=5" long maximum;

for 2" tall lettering: 2*5=10" long maximum;

for 3" tall lettering: 3*5=15" long maximum;


*Letters, Numbers, Periods, Spaces, Symbols all count as characters.

Vinyl Film:

We're using only High Quality FLUORESCENT Vinyl Made in USA, rated for up to 6 months of indoor & outdoor use. (depending on the amount of UV exposure)


Our Custom FLUORESCENT Vinyl Lettering & Decals is perfect for short-term applications that require a high level of visibility :

Store Windows and Doors

Vehicle Windows (Trucks and Car Windshield, For. Ex.: USDOT number, company's name and/or website etc.)






Walls etc.

How To Order:

Send us via eBay messages or "note to seller" that includes:

Exact text you want

Font Style Name From our list (you can find them below)

Color Name: Yellow or Red (orange-red)

Exact width measurement (if required) MAXIMUMS ONLY! NOT BIGGER THAN ORIGINAL SIZE!

For Example:

Font: #16 (Free Sans); Custom Text: "Happy Birthday"; Maximum 6" Long

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