Fabric Self-Adhesive Wallskin Strips, Easy Peel & Stick, Highest Quality. Don't Wallpaper, Wallskin!

Wallpaper.....Revolutionized!! These are super easy Peel & Stick.....(and the ONLY material that's easy to remove and reuse, srsly)..........so Goodbye messy Glue and paint!

This "Artsy Brick" repeatable pattern can be scaled up or down to suit your look.

These fabric Removable, Reusable, Peel & Stick Wallpaper WallSkins can be easily removed and re-applied tons of times and won't ever lose their stick! You can choose just one strip for a statement piece or multiple strips to Skin your full wall. All of our patterns are seamless, meaning when placed next to each other on the wall the seam vanishes...... It's like magic.

We print all our work on premium, self-adhesive fabric material. Never vinyl. Never ever. Its self-adhesive back has zero residue. It's extremely durable and will never tear, wrinkle up over time, or curl. They're even earth friendly! Green, Non-toxic, no BPA's, no PVC's, and no phthalates.

Got a few minutes? That's all it takes to end up with an amazing, non-committal new wall. Sweet!

Gotta move? In a apartment or dorm? No worries! Just peel it off, stick it to the backing paper it came with, roll it up and it's ready for its new home. If you ever need more backing paper just let us know, we'll send it to you free of charge. These WallSkins will never damage your wall or surface and leave behind no residue.

What's a WallSkin? It's Skin for your walls-
I am way better than vinyl because I'm not stiff. I got moves.
I am fabric based.
I am made of 100% earth friendly materials.
I am removable, repositionable....and what's even cooler?.....reusable. Yup. I got tons of moves. srsly.
I am awesome.
I look better than paint and just kicked old school wallpapers' a$#.

-get some-

-Adheres to 99% of surfaces including drywall, wood, tiles, and glass.
-Won't damage your wall or paint and leaves behind no residue.
-Wraps easily around poles and corners.
-Removable, reusable and repositionable.
-Install Instructions and test decal included with every order.
-Very, very cool

* To clean gently wipe with a soft, dry, microfiber cloth.

Dimensions: We generally print our WallSkin strips 24" wide x the length of your choice. We can custom cut any size dimension you need!

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