Farm Kitchen Bench

This beautiful classic farm kitchen bench features tenon and wedged legs,single slab seat and the logo of: Handcrafted by Heytens. the farm kitchen bench looks great in a kitchen , mudroom,or breakfast nook .for comfortable seating. Made of Appalachian red oak. The single plank seat adds charm to any decor. Because of being a single plank the natural beauty of the wood shows through. Seat plank is hand distressed for comfort.This bench is an ideal addition to your breakfast or kitchen table is ideally suited for sitting next to walled or windowed areas, or, depending on the type of dining table, can be scooted under it to give more space when it is not in use. The sturdy nature and casual charm of this bench makes it the ideal item for the mudroom or foyer, especially if these rooms are smaller or narrow. It is the perfect to take off your shoes or boots and outdoor clothing. It is an excellent compliment to any coat rack.

Dimensions: 18 1/2" height x 60" wide x 15' deep. Seat plank is made of 5/4 material.

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