Farmhouse Table

Our client wanted an extremely large custom-made table with a table top width of four feet consisting of only three boards. With that in mind, we began our four month search for a beam that measured over 16 inches wide. Sounds relatively easy, right? Wrong. Beams that long and wide are uncommon for this area.
We were able to locate a beam (picture on left) from the New England area and thus began our most difficult struggle ever with a piece of white pine. We used our saw mill to cut the hulking beam into 3-eleven foot slabs. Each slab was carefully planed and expertly jointed for the perfect glue-up (picture on right) because let's face it...a lot was at stake here!
Once the glue-up was complete, our second challenge began. Our clients didn't want any visible aprons or support beams. The table would appear to be supported solely by its 8" wide tapered legs.
As you can see, the finished project yeilded a magnificent table measuring 11' long by 4' wide with a 3" thickness. Absolutely incredible and completely custom-made. Our clients vision became reality.

The original beam used in this project was taken from a 200 year old textile mill and in true Farmhouse Furniture fashion, we brought the past into the present with this one-of-a-kind farmhouse table.

Dimensions: 11 ' x 4.5 ' x 30 "

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