Fascinator Black Silk Veil Nicole Bonnet

Black silk draped cocktail hat with veil. Veils are -so- -much- -fun-. You become instantly mysterious. The illusion of peeking out from behind the veil, flashing your beauty to only those who desire to see it. Walking about your daily life wearing a tiny little bit of veil definitely increases your level of chic by at least 80%.

This little hat has ripples of a rich black silk charmeuse with the tiniest little whiff of veil that puffs down to your nose. You could wear this with the most alluring of Little Black Dress and tango the night away, catching all the right partners. 80% more chic draws the notice of quite a lot of dance partners, if you know what I mean.

"How does it stay on?", you ask. It can stay on in any number of ways. At this point, it has an elastic band that goes behind your ears and under your hair. This works very well for people with thick or curly hair. If your hair is fine and slippery, you will need to supplement with bobby pins. Get the elastic to help you find where it's going to sit and slide the pins in to keep it more strongly in place. 

If the elastic really truly won't work, if you have a pixie cut with fine straight hair, I can put it on a band or clip for you that will keep it right exactly where you want it to go. Drop me a convo and we can work out what you'd like.

I block each hat on antique wooden hat blocks, and I make each stitch by hand with a needle and thread. It takes me at least 10 hours to create a fascinator by hand. They are small, but that means my stitches have to be smaller. I'm a little crazy, but I truly do love the process.

I want you to love this hat as much as I do. I am very happy to fix problems that may arise.

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