Fascinator Grey Silk Beaded - Salt

Sea-salt beads embroidered on draped gray silk cocktail hat. This hat was meant to be oceanic in a north Atlantic kind of way. Say "ocean" and most designers look to the Caribbean. That's the easy way out.

Standing to watch the colors of the northern seas takes a certain toughness. It's cold out there. Makes it harder to see the beauty, but it's worth the trouble. Water always wins, and these icy cold waves will work so long and so hard as to wear away rock and stone.

This storm-water gray cocktail hat is reminiscent of those waves. It, too, does not give it's beauty away at first glance. The folded silk has little droplets of embroidered beads. When I first saw them, I thought instantly of grey sea salt-- that oily rocky salt that packs so much flavor it deserves a course of its own. The beads have funny little facets that aren't even and perfect. They make you want to look closer.

It could easily be worn for cocktails in a glittery silver sequiny dress, but there's no reason in the world it has to wait for that occasion. It would look equally elegant in more understated ways.

"How does it stay on?", you ask. It can stay on in any number of ways. At this point, it has an elastic band that goes behind your ears and under your hair. This works very well for people with thick or curly hair.

If your hair is fine and slippery, you will need to supplement with bobby pins. Get the elastic to help you find where it's going to sit and slide the pins in to keep it more strongly in place.

If the elastic really truly won't work, if you have a pixie cut with fine straight hair, I can put it on a band for you that will keep it right exactly where you want it to go. Drop me a convo and we can work out what you'd like.

I block each hat on antique wooden hat blocks, and I make each stitch by hand with a needle and thread. It takes me at least 10 hours to create a fascinator by hand. They are small, but that means my stitches have to be smaller. I'm a little crazy, but I truly do love the process. I want you to love this hat as much as I do. I am very happy to fix problems that may arise.

I am also very happy to do custom orders! Convo me and I can help you create the hat you've always dreamed of.

(photo with model by Stephan Hoglund)

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