Fedora Trilby Black Noir Randy Stone Made To Order


....Frank Lovejoy stars as Randy Stone, a toughened, street-wise Chicago Star reporter working the Nightbeat....

So begins one of my favorite old time radio dramas. Randy Stone takes us through the city's secret hours. He's looking for a story:

"Sometimes the capers are cops and robbers. Or just normal people in trouble. Sometimes they deserve it. Sometimes fate twists their arm. Sometimes they're just too scared or confused to know the difference."

It's great. It's gritty and sometimes unromantic. Randy Stone takes us all through it with an eye for detail, and a softer heart than he'd dare admit.

That's you in this hat. Stylish, but ready for the streets, late night meets in corner cafes, for rescue of the lost and forgotten. For the final carouse.

The hat is blocked with high quality millinery velour felt over an antique block. It's got a deep and bottomless black color that draws you in. It's very soft to the touch. The brim has a wire round the edge so you can shape it to your personal fancy: down over the left or the right eye when you're feeling sleuthy, or an "I'll be darned" straight back. There's a pinch of duck feathers at the finish, reminiscent of a small dark fire, nearly out. It's lined with Thai silk the color of red Bordeaux wine. Every stitch is made by hand. Most are barely visible.

This hat is made to be worn by men, but can easily be pulled off by a woman.

I want to make sure it fits you perfectly, so drop me a convo so I can make it happen. If I can't make this exact hat fit you, or if you would like another color, we can work on a custom order that will be just like it that will be just right.

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