"Ferrari" Vitri-Fusáille Glass Panel

This commissioned Vitri-Fusáille panel of a 1973 Dino 246 GTS "Ferrari" was a surprise for a client's husband for their Anniversary. A very special and unique gift for a man who loves cars, this one in particular! Vitri-Fusáille is a hybrid technique which combines the process of Contemporary Flat Glass Fusing with Traditional Glass Painting. It allows for a degree of immediate and expressive artistry which until recently was never possible in stained glass. I can achieve the highest level of imagery by utilizing the art of tracing and mating in traditional stained glass painting fired on fused glass, rich in saturated color.

Incredible possibilities exist for capturing your favorite pet, scene, or landscape. Passion is the corner stone of every piece I create in Vitri-Fusáille

Dimensions: 11" x 16" Vitri-Fusáille panel in a 15" x 20" custom hanging wood lightbox.

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