Fish Plates, Platters And Tiles

Having lived in the Florida Keys for many years, I have an affinity for fish -- particularly the delicious ones that I used to catch for dinner. The three photos above are examples of fish I like to carve and paint on ceramic plates, platters, tiles and other serving or decorative pieces. The ones shown are snapper. One client requested an entire set of snapper dinnerware featuring different types of snapper [dog, red, mangrove, yellowtail]. I've also created grouper, tuna, snook, salmon and bass plates, dishes and backsplashes.

My work is completely handmade without use of a potter's wheel or commercial stencils of any kind! All the carving and painting is done by hand: a time-consuming, painstaking, but gratifying process!

Please contact me if you'd like me to work on a particular project for you. Phones, fax and internet make working at a distance pretty simple! The prices below reflect the cost of a single piece.

Dimensions: Many sizes and shapes available.

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