Fish Shape Four Shelf Floor Lamp

One of a kind floor lamp, end table, book shelf combined. Lamp base is intriguing set of 14 bent spruce splines in the shape of a fish supporting four small shelves. Bendable bamboo lamp arm slides into top of shelf at front or back, and allows extension of the lamp up to 30 inches to the right or the left of the peak of the stand/shelf unit. 40 watt candelabra bulb secured inside shade with handcrafted wooden inline dimmer switch (117 x 36 x 23mm) 4 feet from shade on 10 foot brown power chord. Hand-turned yellow canary-wood lamp shade cap is secured to 70 watt rated socket by 1.5 inch threaded lamp rod, locked with nut inside shade and sealed with shrink tubing. Shelves are composite wood (1/2 inch MDF) painted black (top shelf 10.5 x 12.5 inch) with solid white maple trim. 55 inch tall base is open in back so unit can be reversed with lamp extending to the right or left, and stands on four heavy-duty felt pads. Joint units made of meticulously cut and glued mahogany with purple-heart end pieces. The 9 inch diameter, 7 inch high shade is made with 84 identical interlocking origami units of high-strength translucent parchment paper coated with multiple layers of shoji paper bound with orange tinted adhesive. Green synthetic filaments embedded within the shade creates a pleasing contrast to the rigid geometry of the origami. Oil finish on solid wood with epoxy securing bearing joints.

Pictures cannot do justice to the quality of light and appearance of Golden Heart Illumination lanterns and shades. The lanterns themselves are an interesting sculptural art form with infinite variety of color density and surface texture within each unit. When illuminated, the appearance changes dramatically with light intensity (adjusted by dimmer switch or varying bulb wattage), and with changing the ambient lighting where the lantern resides. The structure of the folded, woven and layered paper lantern is remarkably strong because of the heat-tolerant, water-resistant translucent adhesive and shoji paper binding it into a sturdy cohesive unit. It can be bounced like a basketball with minimal damage and guaranteed to last for years. You will not be disappointed with this beautiful one-of-a-kind light sculpture.

Dimensions: 72 inch maximum height, fish form 55 inches at peak
Horizontal reach of lamp shade up to 30 inches from peak

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