Flag Cases

All flag cases on this site are made of Native American woods with impressive contrasting wood splines and mitered, rather than lapped, corners. The splines strengthen the flag case's construction and also add a decorative touch. Biscuits, nails or other fastening methods could be used in place of the splines to reduce the time it takes to build a flag case and the cost, but would not represent the quality level that I am looking for. The beautiful contrasting splines deliver both strength and beauty and are worth the extra time and effort it takes to make them. The radius edges where the splines are located are very friendly to touch. You will love running your fingers/hand over this well crafted flag case. True mitered corners, while much more difficult to make, are cleaner and more professional looking than non-mitered joints. The contrasting splines also give the flag case somewhat of a military appearance, Sharp and Clean.

Dimensions: My flag cases are sized for the American Veteran's burial flag, 5' X9' However, smaller sized American flags will display with some creative folding, contact me for information.

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