Flight | The Ultimate Abstract Modern Art Installation

You love the graceful visual of an eagle mid-flight. You love the free feeling of flying and that anything is possible. Well, FLIGHT is for you. FLIGHT is a very special art installation. It takes your imagination to new heights and creates an uplifting airy tone in any space. The painted wood stick clusters which resemble birds mid-flight, and appear to be in formation add continuity and movement to the entire composition. A feeling of inspiration, positivity and joyfulness flow from FLIGHT and right into your very soul.

However, this free and open feeling is quite scientific in the way it's created. The artist uses a mathematical formula for creating each cluster. Each one of multi colored sticks is actually mythically formulated for correct size and position and than specifically arranged to facilitate the flow of the viewers eye movement through the piece. The installation also takes advantage of the walls negative space as part of its composition. The piece is first digitally designed, colorized, arranged, and finalized even before the first wood stick is cut, sanded, painted or assembled.

FLIGHT can be designed to fill your space perfectly. You will know exactly how the installation will look based on a scaled, digital mock layout created by the artist and designed specifically for you and your FLIGHT theme. Imagine a fiery red version designed to look like a phoenix rising from the ashes for example. This unique installation can be created in a variety of color palettes and themes depending on your room and mood you want to set. How uplifting and Inspiring!

FLIGHT is perfect for your loft, conference room, lobby, staircase or foyer. Anywhere you want to add some soaring uplifting drama. FLIGHT can be designed to accommodate any wall dimension, no space is too large or too small. Larger spaces can accommodate more birds.

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