Floating Coffee Table | Acrylic Coffee Table Legs (4pc)

Floating Small Acacia Coffee Table with 4 Clear Acrylic Legs | Coffee Table with Acrylic Legs (4PC)| Acrylic Lucite Furniture | Coffee Table | 32''(L)x14''(W)x16''(H)

***Acacia Coffee table top can be round/rectangular live-edge/straight-edge slab (a-of-a-kind table), DM to custom your own coffee table. Please send me the dimension and address zip code to get a price estimate.
Coffee table top dimensions: 32''(L)x14''(W) x 2.5''(Thickness)
Acrylic table legs dimensions: 9''x 13'' x 1.2''
Coffee table dimensions: 32''(L)x14''(W)x15.5''(H)

Clear acrylic table base (GS) is characterized by high chemical resistance and excellent visual appearance. This acrylic base is colorless and clear (over 92% light Transmission). The acrylic table base (GS) is anti-aging. They are straightforward to assemble, to slabs such as hardwood.

1. Over 92% of Light Transmission
2. Colorless and transparent
3. high-gloss
4. UV absorbent

1. High load-bearing capacity, over 1250lbs
2. High break resistance and surface hardness
3. Simple use and processing
4. Resistant to weathering
5. UV-resistant
6. Durable
7. Temperature-resistant to approx. 80 °C


1. Inside: High-quality pearl cotton, 2mm Plastic bag, and accessories.
2. Outside: Wooden Packing with 100% protection

Attachments, tools, and screws are included.

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