Flower Of Life Astrology Symbol Designs

I've been thoroughly entranced with Flower of Life and when I think back, this has been with me forever. Flower of Life is the ultimate representation of the powerful, core elements of our existence.
When you can truly know the visible and underlying structures of our universe, Flower of Life is the basis of source energy that connects every thing we can see and imagine: tangible physical things, thoughts, relationships, events. Flower of Life is smaller than the smallest known element and is capable of expanding into entire universes – to infinity and beyond. Every structure of sacred geometry can be found by connecting points within the Flower of Life. This is my current favorite aspect of it. I anticipate a long and progressive relationship with this powerful energy and know it has many more secrets to share. It is a process of learning, accepting and cultivating the properties that are aligned with the work I love and using the energy of Flower of Life to create and share life stories. It connects every thing and every one.

After I created a custom set of astrology icons for Eric Francis' Planet Waves 2013 annual edition, the energy of the words and designs resonated even stronger and I have become obsessed with creating patterns and paintings that share the magic of nature's energy via this ongoing series.

Actual costs will be based on specific project requirements.

Dimensions: all sizes available for custom products and applications

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