Flying Fish Bronze Tables

This sculpture is still in the creative stages. Dimensions and photography will be posted once completed.

Amazing! Fascinating! Witnessing fish flying is a magical experience. Flying fish live in all of the oceans but, particularly in tropic and subtropical waters. Their most striking feature is their unusually large pectoral fins. Schools can be seen leaping and flying across the water's surface to escape predators. Did you know Barbados' national fish is a flying fish and that they're nicknamed The Land of the Flying Fish?

I decided to sculpt flying fish because they're a very unique and inspiring creature. They also challenge my sculpting abilities which I love. Just like in life, I need to make them defy gravity, appear light, and showcase their movement. I have chosen to conquer engineering them as a table series which will include coffee and sushi tables. When completed, there will be a large school of flying fish supporting a rectangular glass coffee or sushi table top.

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