Mosaic Mirrors Made With A Variety Of Texture, Grain And Multiple Species.

Thirty three years ago I began my journey with wood, marking the beginning of my love for design and the process of creation. I explored the work of contemporary wood craftsmen, painters and sculptors from the past through the present. Excited by what I found, I was anxious to create. So it began. Today my work has evolved from this ongoing process of creating. The years have left me with the experience of working with many different materials. As I worked I would save the unusual, blemishes, extraordinary grain, oddly textured and anything else that caught my eye. I saved them not knowing for what but just for their individual beauty, kept stored away in cardboard boxes. It is with these boxes I create my current work. I love the chaotic way my work flows with their incorporation, differing materials, colors, tones, textures and shapes. I work the frame like a canvass, covering the area one piece at a time with my palette of woods, twigs, bark and anything else that may have found its way into the boxes by the attraction of my eye to them. They find a home, each on its own an artifact of my past, together blended, become my latest expression. I make these both horizontal and vertical. The mirror size is 24" x 36" with an overall size of approximately 34" x 46". I can build to other sizes as well.

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