Formes Design Co Fdc 22 Unfinished Maple Neck 2022 (Fits Telecaster Size Neck Pocket)

Formes Design Ço.wanted to address and increase available options within the raw guitar replacement bodies and necks category. We have created new exiting designs for the unfinished wood guitar body and neck market. Today we introduce the "FDC 22" neck unit. This is the first design and replication headstock/neck offered from Formes with more to follow. Designs are meant to catch the eye and stand out, while still retaining timeless quality and playability. Finely cut CNC products and professionally sanded. Taking our workable, unique designs for guitar bodies and providing replication is our main goal. Order one at time for personal projects, commission a luthier to build one for professional use, or order multiple units on a regular basis.

Neck Specs:

Neck Wood: Unfinished Maple
Fretboard Wood: Unfinished Maple (or Rosewood option)
Frets: 22 Jescar NickelSilver Frets, Height: .05", Width: .1"
Inlays: Black fretboard and side dots
Scale Length: 25" scale
Neck Profile: Standard Thin medium C
Tuner Holes: Modern (1cm)
Nut Width: 4.2 cm
Heel Width: 5.5cm
Heel thickness w/ fretboard: 2.5cm
Fretboard: Radius: 10"
Truss Rod: adjustment at headstock allen wrench
Fretboard Length: from nut: 46.5cm
Headstock/Neck Length: 68cm
Total Weight: 1 lb 7oz

Free Domestic shipping!
Designed and Manufactured in USA.

The item pictured is not the exact one you will receive.
Orders are placed to the manufacturer upon payment. Current wait time for one or multiple units is 9-12 weeks.

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