Artistic Decorative Concrete Floors Can Be Like A Mural.

Client requested Galaxies and nebula's on heeded concrete floor.

We received a call from one of my long term general contractor friend,who provided me with phone and address of a potential customer. I called and the lady said, your friend told us, if anyone can fix your problem it's Sam.

The owner wanted to install a heeded concrete floor in one of the upstairs room. They installed the heeding pad and poured about 3/4" ready mix on top.

I don't know if they left the heed on,but the concrete cracked all over. To sole the problem, they put thin-set on top of the existing,which obviously didn't sole the problem.

We diamond polished the floor to the minimum possible,without disturbing the heeding system and solidified the remaining cracks with Epoxy. Now we had a base to work with.

The client showed me a picture of a floor which looked like modern painting,all different colors swished into each other. She wanted a floor like this.

The basic background was a dark green,so I installed a colored Overlay. The next day, the lady mentioned, if in stead what she showed me,would It be possible to create Galaxies and Nebulas.

I suppose anything is possible, lets get to it.
With all the fantastic Hubble telescope pictures, I had plenty to inspire my work and after a week, I had a happy client,taking a spacewalk every morning.
PS .
We are not limited by imagination!

Dimensions: Cost by ft 2

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