Gaming Table

This custom gaming table will be made just for you after it's purchased. You can customize it if you would like as well.

The table that's pictured was made to be 62" long x 42"wide and 31"tall with the top on it. We added a dark waj

This table was made for 6 people to be able to play a game and then when it's time to eat, you can put the table top on it, without picking your game up.

There are 6 trays with cup holders that can pull out, so that you can place your game pieces, or snacks on it.

Inside the table, there is a nice padded area that is covered with speed cloth. Thus allowed your cards to slide across quickly. The padding make it's easy to pick the cards you too.
You can also choose to have LED lights installed in order to light up the playing area.
This table was made so when you throw the dice, the bounce perfectly without bouncing out.

Please allow at least 8 weeks for us to make this for you.

If you are in the central US states, we will try to deliver it in person.

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