'Giant' Limited edition bronze of 20 - Year released - 2000 Dimensions: 45 1/2" L x 18" W x 17" H

This is a free standing sculpture allowing it to be displayed in many positions and locations. Designing it free standing on just three tentacles as a very stable sculpture took months of design, not to mention the intricate rubber molds which I make myself. Creating this piece takes an amazing amount of work and engineering.

"The Giant Squid has always fascinated me."

What a monster! At least that is how they have always been portrayed on movies and in books. Science knows little about these guys, but some believe they are quiet, shy and even fragile. They are beautiful, streamlined, intelligent creatures. How amazing they must be in the undersea world they live in. Science estimates they can reach lengths of 30'- 60' or maybe even longer.

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