Glass Nixie Clock In-14 Standard Grid Model With Blue Led Tube Lights

Glass Clock Large IN-14 standard grid tubes available with blue LED tube lighting.

This new version of the IN-14 standard grid tube Large Glass Clock is available now, with Blue LED lighting for each tube, giving the clock a blue accent. There are several LED options for the accent lighting. One allow the LEDs to dim with the tube brightness level, another will turn off the blue LEDs when it is dark, and of course the LEDs can be completely disabled.

Also new software options included.
• Automatic Day Light Saving time adjustment, no need to change the time when day light saving time starts/ends. Available for the US/Canadian DST, EU DST, and Australian DST zones.
• Weekend display disable, clock display disabled all weekend, saves on tube life when used in an office setting.

The tubes are standard grid IN-14 Soviet military nixie tubes.

Socket pins are also included for this version. This means no more soldering/unsoldering to replace tubes. The socket pins are very small - does not change the look of the clock.

Glass Clock #3 Large IN-14 standard grid version with blue LEDs - Large size Glass Nixie clock, using Cold War era Soviet IN-14 standard grid Nixie display tubes, 18mm high digit size Nixie Tubes. Blue accent lighting for each tube. Glass case construction, does not scratch like acrylic cases of other clocks.

The Glass Clock is designed to mirror and complement the Nixie tube's vacuum tube shape and construction - from the round glass tubes used in the case to the round shapes used in the acrylic support pieces. The case is made out of Simax glass from the Czech Republic, and is hand cut and polished.

This handmade clock, including the electronics and software, is designed and manufactured by Cold War Creations. It is not built from a 3rd party Nixie clock kit.

The circuit board is designed by Cold War Creations, specifically for the Glass Nixie Tube clock, assuring a perfect match to the case design. The circuit board is also designed with micro-miniature surface mount parts, shrinking the size of the board to emphasize the Nixie tubes and downplay the modern circuitry. The CPU has more processing power than the large computers that originally used Nixie tubes! The PCB itself is manufactured in the US by a high quality circuit board house. Board assembly is by Cold War Creations.

The display has many options. Digits can crossfade, slide across, slot effect, turn off at a programmable time interval. Also a light sensor that adjusts the display intensity - the brighter the ambient light, the brighter the Nixie tube display. Can even be programmed to turn off the display when the room is dark. A temperature sensor is also included for displaying the room temperature. A programmable anti-cathode poisoning protection software is built in. This prevents digit fading.

The clock uses a high quality watch crystal (Citizen) for high accuracy and low drift. The frequency is temperature compensated for even more accurate time keeping. Additionally, each clock is individually calibrated with an Atomic clock module for high accuracy.

* Keeps time during power outages for at least 8 hours using a super capacitor - no battery to replace.
* Turn off clock display automatically at night (or any time) - programmable ON/OFF times.
* Display ON/OFF can also be controlled by ambient light: turn display off when the room is dark, with an option to be ON during set time interval whether the room is dark or not.
* Cross fade, slot effects and slide-across special effects for changing digits, programmable.
* Programable colons: off, on, blinking or alternating blinking.
* Anti-Cathode Poisoning function (extends tube life). Options for once a day, once an hour or once every 15 minutes.
* Standard Sockets for the Nixie's - easy replacement in case of failure.
* Programmable date format (mm-dd-yy, dd-mm-yy or yy-mm-dd).
* 12 or 24 hour mode option, programable leading 0.
* Blue tube accent lighting.
* Automatic DST time adjustment.
* Weekend mode – display off during weekend.
* Country specific AC adapter included.
* Color instruction manual included.
* Unlike other Nixie clocks, Cold War Creations comes standard with a full 1 year warranty on clock & tubes.
* Also, International orders are accepted.

Dimensions: 10"x5"x5" (254mm x 127mm x 127mm)

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Made in Duluth, MN

By Cold War Creations


All of our products are handmade
by expert makers.

  • RC C.

    RC C.'s review

    • Dec 13th 2015

    I am very happy with this clock! My husband is an audiophile and tubes are his thing! Thank you very much!

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